Our Pledge

Our Pledge The SEN Toolkit is not just another training programme; it’s a chance to understand the big picture, how we all fit into it, and how we can make it work better for everybody. As a learning community, we promise to: continue developing our skills to support every learner. work to understand our own […]

An alternative way of conceptualising SEN

An alternative way of conceptualising SEN “Superpowers”: still divisive Some learners are (clearly) better than others (‘super’!) There’s an in-group and an out-group ‘Normal’ vs. ‘different’ Puts the onus on the individual learner “SEN Toolkit”: truly inclusive Everyone has the ability to communicate, and different ways will work for different people Better communication → we […]

The Vision

The Vision: A 6-STEP APPROACH TO POSITIVE CHANGE 1 The difficulties, barriers and discrimination that commonly affect people with SEN can give rise to many negative feelings and limiting beliefs. Children, parents and teachers may experience feelings of guilt, shame, inadequacy, helplessness, anxiety, failure, and so on, and these may endure long after a person […]

Five Core Values

Five Core Values We Value Everybody We know that:every individual has strengths and skills to contribute to a group. Nobody is better or “super”. 1 We Accept Ourselves We know that:nobody is perfect, and this is okay. We know our own strengths and or own weaknesses. 2 We Find Ways to Communicate We know that:we […]