Put the onus on the collective: teachers, schools and society

The SEN Toolkit

SEN Blueprint

Online, offline, face-to-face, individual, autonomously. However you choose to design your course, the Blueprint gives you the building blocks to design learning programmes for teachers working with learners with SEN.

The Digital Learning Course

An online, self-paced course based on The SEN Blueprint. The SEN Toolkit offers you a chance to learn about how to make classrooms more inclusive places for people with SEN.


The Training

Develop your skills as a local agent of change with our SEN Toolkit train the specialist materials bundle. Whether it’s a presentation, workshop, mentoring session, a parents’ evening or a conversation with a colleague, better communication means we benefit from different perspectives and ideas.


The Project

The SEN Toolkit aims at improving provision of inclusive practices and identification strategies for teachers in mainstream classrooms in Europe that include learners with category B special educational needs.

The project involves 6 European partners including experts in special education needs, learning design and teacher training.

Our aim is to build a better world for everyone to live in, one classroom at a time.